Friday, January 8, 2010


Date : September 3~5, 2010 (Friday to Sunday)
Vanue : Shanghai, China

The confirmed instructors are Scott Blevins, Rachael McEnaney, Niel Paulsen, Kate Sala, Jo Thompson and Roy Verdonk with DJ-Wildman Louis.

The WOW 2010 Dance Event :

1) September 2, 2010 (Thursday night) - Line Dance Party.

2) September 3, 2010 (Friday) - Workshops & Dinner at a restaurant & to see a show (similar to Las Vegas Show.

3) September 4, 2010 (Saturday night) - Cruise on the river by the bund, which is one of Shanghai's most famous tourist destination.

5) September 5, 2010 (Sunday night) - Dinner party with Karaoke & Dancing to end the WOW 2010 dance event.

For those dancers who would like to tour China after the dance event, the trip will be from September 8~15, 2010. You will have two days prior to the trip (September 6~7, 2010) to tour Shanghai or see the World Expo.

Tour Itinerary :
September 8, 2010 - Su Zhou (The Silk City)
September 9, 2010 - Hang Zhou (The Heaven City)
September 10~11, 2010 - Xi-An (The Emperor’s Tomb)
September 11~15, 2010 - Beijing (the Capital of China)

We are estimating the cost for the tour right now is approximately 6660 Yuan (less than US$1000) which includes for all sight-seeing fees, bus trips, 2 local flights, all meals, and hotel costs. We won't get the group airfare price which is usually 35% or 40% discount until June 2010 (this is a policy of all Chinese airlines). So if you are interested going on the tour, we need a copy of your passport that shows your name, passport number, expiration date, and birth date so the travel agency can reserve tickets and hotel rooms.

There are 7 costs for WOW 2010 Shanghai.
1) International round trip airfare (Fly in and out of Shanghai (airport code PVG)); if you are going on the tour after the event, schedule your flight home from the Beijing airport on September 15, 2010.
2) China visa application fee (recommend you get a multiple entry).
3) Hotel fees from September 1~8, 2010
4) 3 day workshop fees (September 3~5, 2010), US$180 per person ( workshops, event t-shirt, step books & open dance party included) which you have to prepay it with your registration form to reserve your space , since we only have 200 spots to fill up & it's first come , first served.
5) Transportation costs from the Shanghai airport to hotel is about US$20 per private car (1-3 person) , van cost is higher US$25.
6) Personal spending money on September 1~2, 6~7, 2010 (meals & transportation, shopping)
7) (OPTIONAL) Each night's activity on September 3~5, 2010 ( Friday to Sunday) cost about US$40 a night, which includes dinner, show & ride, (3 nights will cost US$120).

If you have any questions, please email to Judy Chen at JYINGCHEN@HOTMAIL.COM.

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