Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Soon, we may not have line dance videos to view!!!!!

It all started with WMG's negotiation with the Youtube management on the renewal of copyright agreement and/or licensing fees but unfortunately the deal went out of the window and no agreement was signed. Then the action started - all videos containing songs by recording artistes under the WMG label will have to be removed due to content infringement claim by WMG. Unfortunately, instead of removing the 'offending videos', Youtube chose the easy way out by suspending the owner's account. Everything inside that account will be gone including those videos which contain songs by artistes under the other labels. If your family videos or other non-related videos are in your account, these will also be gone.
The only way to save your account is to remove immediately those videos which contain songs by the WMG recording artistes!
To date, those suspended Youtube accounts belong to Dance Diary which is the first to be suspended, Winnie Yu and Sue N Kathy.
What will happen next? Whose account will be the next one to be suspended? Yours? Mine? Nobody knows!