Friday, May 27, 2011

A joint choreography with Jennifer Choo (one of the Malaysia top line dance choreographer), the song “Chooi Khai Pak Thong” was a popular Cantonese Song from the 80′s that was used as the theme song for the movie Aces Go Places, starring the singer, Sam Hui, himself. I’m sure many of us would remember the comedic series of movies and the happy-go-lucky song singing about the best partnership between Sam and Karl Maka (the bald guy).

The song has a jivey feel, so feel free to jive and swing those hips and lift those knees! There are also room for variations! Interpret the music and lyrics and let your imagination run wild! The dance video and teach will be released later.

Hope you will enjoy this dance (which I called our 1st baby :-S) which was written out after a few exchanges on YM. Have fun and stay happy-go-lucky!