Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Langkawi Rendezvous 兰卡威欢聚

Pulau Langkawi (12/6/2009 - 14/6/2009)

Date: 13.6.2009
Venue: Langkawi Seafront 兰卡威海滨
Organizer: Langkawi Line Dance Group (Mdm Lim 012 4950096)
Co-organizer: PSLDA (Jean Yeoh 012 4811241)
Dancelist : Vol. 1

Details are being worked out. If your team is going to participate, please send in your suggestion of dances with CD to Jean Yeoh (jeanibiyeoh@yahoo.com) by 20.12.2008 so that the discs and stepsheets can be distributed by the end of December.